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A Patron Question

I received the question: “How white has Reggaeton become and popeton adjacent it seems to have aged? I’m curious about your perspective”

My Response: Reggaeton is so white.. that the textures that illustrate the essences of sex have now been able to be transformed into straight up gimmicks. The reason why Perreo was so “vulgar” was not only because of the lyrics, the moans, the visuals but the actual instrumentation supported this Puteria right?

 I say in the episode of Perreo 101 something along the lines of “These producers were creating beats that were influenced by the movements of sex.” I didn’t say that to be freaky or extra, I seriously believe that these tiny nuances between Bellakeo, Malianteo, Sandunguero for example were to imitate the different bpm of sex. 

(Sit on a chair and whine your waist to the melody of Sacala a Bailar by Jowell Y Randy a guayeteo vs Sin Rumbo by Yomo a malianteo and see for yourself how you…are mimicking a sort of sexual movement LOL and how they’re super different)

And Reggaeton is so white now that, instead of these nuances being at the heart of the instrumentation.. it’s an essence that can be added in or removed if these artists want to “spice things up” or not, and that is very white/european. Emphasis on very white because of this ridiculous association of sex being something negative or like.. barbaric or to associate it with shame(or Black/African). Sex is human, all of the imposed beliefs (largely christian and no I’m not shaming christianity I was raised baptist myself) contribute to that.

Popeton is about gimmicks. Adding that 1-2 things to the “formula” in a song in multiple areas to balance the scale of It being kind of a Reggaeton all while being “digestible” for the wider or “whiter” audience. Long sentence my bad lol. Reggaeton is aging…in a weird way because I mean Perreo is still being made and even by mainstream artists. Example: 2020 – Pirueta by Wisin Y Yandel (A very tame Malianteo), La Cama Remix by Lunay feat. Various artists (A very PG Bellakeo), Safaera, so I mean this is GOOD.

But songs feat. Camilo… industry plants like Nathy Peluso & Rosalia are still being created soooo it’s weird. Are they helping Reggaeton grow? No…theyre pop artists but this ridiculous mestizaje of Latinidad, Reggaeton is a victim to that – In that everyone is calling any song reminiscent of having the pounder riddim– a reggaeton even though it very well may be 100% pop. Hence it’s aging super weird / unorthodox. 

That’s what I have to say, please let me know if you have any more questions I’d love to answer. By all means please keep em coming this is YOUR space <3.



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