EXCLUSIVE: Interview Part 2

PatronsEXCLUSIVE: Interview Part 2

EXCLUSIVE: Interview Part 2

Good Afternoon Mis Amores,

SURPRISE!: There’s more to the interview with Villano Antillano, this is part 2. 

Zoom kicked us out, so we recorded from a new link, the other interviews will be uploaded and shared shortly. I’ll upload Victoria La Mala’s next I REALLY LIKE HER, we talk personally and professionally on a regular basis so it was nice to interview her. I genuinely think she is the real deal and I LOVE her music, if you haven’t listened to her album Soy Mala? She fuses cumbia, with Norteña, Ranchera and Trap– in the interview you’ll hear how she deliberately made that choice and how she was advised to “pick a lane” I’m glad she fought for her sound! Ugh love her.

Also, Again, PLEASE do not share this with anyone, this is exclusively for YOU, and will be available – edited – for public consumption ASAP, I have to share this with Sony Music literally right now. Thank you and Enjoy!



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