Excuse my French but

PatronsExcuse my French but

Excuse my French but

Hi Gente Linda,

I hope you’re doing well. I want to apologize for bringing this* energy to your inbox, I just really want people to know the truth regarding my experience with SorryPapiTour. I share the following so that you may warn your loved ones about what this brand really is.

I had the displeasure of hosting their Boston, NYC(2), Texas(2), parties last summer and was met with violence. Misosgyny, racism, xenophobia, and queer phobia it was horrible.

Below I’m pasting what I’ve been sharing with trusted colleagues in media, because the Sorrypapitour have been increasing the extent of their psychological warfare in that they’ve been contacting journalists who’ve profiled me in hopes of getting coverage themselves as a means to be like “this Black girl isn’t that important” or “See Black girl, I can be where you’ve been”

Thanks for reading.






  • “For Women By Women” They Are owned by men, Frank Monroy(?) and William Martinez who run V5 Group, a marketing company based in Chicago.
  • “The First All Girl Reggaeton Party Tour” is false as well, it’s GRLZ WEEKND



  • Did not pay me the agreed amount, the only Black woman they ever did business with.
  • Did not for a very long time include Black girls in their promos, video, feed–When I gently brought it up to the videographer I was met with exactly that, nonsense justifications.
  • Not only did they not create a graphic/flyer for me for the event in my city of Boston, MA which is humiliating


Because I, a Black girl, was the main photo on a post/graphic on their page? posted pictures of Blanquitas in the same carousel to sort of “balance it out” to match their aesthetic was their explanation.

Clarity: They made a flyer for every city except mine: Boston as a means to humiliate me. The post below I made to avoid said public humiliation as a Public figure in my city.

The Post in Question: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cfhi5r8g0fH/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

  • A Trusted member of their team, who quit in solidarity with me–revealed to me via text message screenshots from their group chat(because they had one including Jenny and I, and a separate one with just themselves)–that they only hired me for my connections. This was said verbatim by William Martinez


  • Once they realized I wasn’t going to stay on for long they researched me and tried to hit up every single writer and publication who’s covered me in the press to obtain their own coverage as a means of humiliating me

I’ve spoken up to some trusted colleagues and detested the idea of their coverage.

I’m actually considering speaking up via social media. But I am torn because I didn’t know if I would be giving them what they want, FREE PRESS* or what the actual continued repercussions of this would be.


  • “All women” Yet Queer and/or Trans women were DMing me at parties they knew I was hosting and asking me to go to the door to “get them through” because apparently they were being blocked from entry (some didn’t get in) because they didn’t meet the “Sorry Papi Aesthetic.”


  • “Reggaeton Party” BUTCirculate limited Reggaeton Playlists that repeated* in their parties that featured a lot of Justin Beiber and just music that doesn’t reflect Reggaeton culture. Weren’t open to curation tips (in retrospect that was great of them because they don’t deserve my help).
  • DJ Miriam is no beacon of womanhood, that bitch (sorry my patience is gone lol) stood by and watched William disrespect me and other women on the team repeatedly and let him get away with it because that’s her boyfriend.

With every inch of my being I detest Sorry Papi. They are racist, xenophobic, queerphobic, unethical and dangerous. It is taking me months to heal from the monstrosity that is that company, brand, and team. The anxiety and psychological trauma I’ve had from this experience has landed me hyperventilating in the Emergency Room.

Honestly I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about them because they’re gross and deserve the absolute worst.

As they hit you up for press, know that THIS is the truth. Whatever you do with this information, I ask, please do not put me in a position that would encourage violence towards me. I’ve been quiet for a reason–Reason is: I dont know what to do, they have resources, would BENEFIT from any press at all–I do not want to give them any.

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