Feliz Año: I Bring Gifts

PatronsFeliz Año: I Bring Gifts

Feliz Año: I Bring Gifts

Happy New Year Mis Amores,

I hope this message finds you well. I come baring gifts.

Last year was a lot and in reflection I am grateful for the good and the lessons the bad has given me. With that said, 2022 I vow to work smarter not harder. I quit my day job working for a bank despite my circumstances and I am taking on Reggaeton Con La Gata full time. I am both terrified and excited to give this platform my all.

With that said! 

For you, my dedicated supporters I have created 

www.perreo.academy and www.reggaeton.academy

I had one website point to the other but then it hit me.. why? When both genres are different, have overlapping genealogies at times but tell different stories. It also occurred to me this is exactly what my patrons deserve. 

So I separated the two. Reggaeton.academy is for public view and 

Perreo.academy is 100% Patron only
I will publish exclusive analysis of current events, which I’m excited for because I be wanting to chime in on Twitter but I don’t want to put all of my POV out there. As well as a breakdown of the DNA of Perreo.

The password is Teg0Cald3! Please do not share it with anyone, it is exclusively for all of you. The content is in progress of being copyrighted and all precautions are being made to assure my IP is safe–the web traffic is being monitored closely. 

I’m excited to hear back from all of you what you think. I hope this year is great for all of you and shit I’m wishing myself luck because I need it lol.

If you have any suggestions anything you would like to see please send me a message! I’d love to incorporate what you want to see.

Los amo, 



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