Major Update

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Major Update

 Hi Amores,

I hope this email finds you well. It’s been a while since i’ve last posted, here’s why:

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that some people on the internet have been repeating things I’ve posted in Patreon only, verbatim. And as if that wasn’t devastating enough, they were posting it as if the ideas came from them, no mentioning of me or my research or platform, nothing.

That on top of other things going on–threw me completely for a loop. And to be honest, I think its the shock I needed in order to tighten things up and really begin answering the question on a bigger note “who am I doing all of this for?” Especially if someone can’t recognize this as my livelihood and not see my work as something worth respecting. I don’t want to simply be “liked” for my work, I demand respect, I demand recognition, if I didn’t? My career wouldn’t be at the level it’s at right now. Me? A Black woman in this space? Ni en la proxima.

With that said, I’ve had to pause and think how.. Do I even continue lol. I clearly am not safe in my own safe space, and that is disheartening. So what i’ve decided is–I can give exclusive access to interviews that are scheduled for debut* so I know it’ll be documented publicly that I am the source of that information. Past that, Idk. I had to really consider whether or not I was going to dissolve this all together but I don’t think that’s fair for my day 1s who actually have demonstrated respect for me in my space.

So much more to say I will just pause here.

I again hope you’re all doing well and as dates flow in for content to be scheduled publicly i’ll give you exclusive access.

Until then, I do have exclusive Villano Antillano interview footage from Rollingstone and an extended essay as Rollingstone’s version was much shorter than I wanted, so i’ll happily share that since its public.


Take care -gata

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