Make Reggaeton Nasty Again

July 23, 2020

A Script of Episode 3 Detailing Aspects of Sexuality Presented in Reggaeton

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Now last time I left you guys with the bit that” The differences between Perreo, Sandunguero, Guayeteo, Mailanteo, Sobeteo, Bellakeo are the speeds and riddims manipulated to artistically express the bpm during sex.

Let’s Make Reggaeton Nasty Again, Is what we’re talking about this week,it’s no secret that in Puerto Rico during the underground movement, the Chief of Police Pedro Toledo described Reggaeton as “pornographic expression”– he was not exaggerating, but it is also the sexiest genre in all of latin music. And it’s political as hell.

In my experience artists have expressed their disdain for analyzing their lyrics, and I get it–but that doesn’t mean I have to refrain. Let’s talk about the process of cleaning up the lyrics for mainstream and the driving forces behind it.

Reggaeton went from an audiographic porn to music featured on tv commercials.

SEX, members of the hyper-religious elite classes are scared of that word. While the poor embarked on the celebration of sex, the joys of pleasure of coqueteando (flirting) of aspects of youth that has since been put on the backburner generally speaking.

To clarify, Machismo + Women’s Pleasure is a two way street, on the one hand you have men controlling the power dynamics by having control over the narrative, its tone and the depths of its explicitness and on the other hand you have hordes of women who find a reality in or at the very least, something relatable in the content, empowering even.

Two of my favorite songs (See Below)

In comparison, Acelera by Glory Glou is an example of a woman singing a list of demands. On the other Plan B is an example of men taking note of what a woman wants and setting the narrative so that she may engage. Power, control, you see? A two way street.


You’re probably wondering if the vulgarity of Reggaeton is as popular as I claim it is, why has it changed so much?

Well if you have kept up with Reggaeton you’d know that it’s well into it’s 4th generation, the blanqeuamiento of its Sound is pervasive, (but in a way it has come full circle making Sech one of its international artists) But the lyricism, what’s popular and who determines what is popular has completely changed. If i’m going to be honest as a fan, i’m bored. I can’t talk about the moans of Reggaeton without talking about some of the most important contributors of the genre.

Jenny la Sexy Voz

Glory glou

Lisa M

Many others.

Their sultry voices have contributed to some of the most iconic songs in the genre. The increased disappearance of the moans is due in part to the misogyny and or machismo they’ve faced in the industry. Jenny la sexy voz has gone on record to explain that part of her career has been threatened for refraining from exchanging sex, it begs the question, who are the artists who’ve taken advantage of her and not just her, all of these women who’ve taken the risk to be featured on these songs. It’s a risk of course because you know how machismo is in Latinx culture, women are considered to be “incapable of the independence of thinking” and that “thinking” includes the independence over the enjoyment of sex.

That hypersexualization is a means to control Latinas and in the end, everybody loses. Black latinas are hypersexualized and stereotyped as deviant, savages that’s why you hear these idiotic excitement behind phrases like “I’ve never been with a black girl before” I get that all of the time.

Now I can’t talk about how nasty Reggaeton was without mentioning some of the most iconic compilations in all of Reggaeton history.

Reggaeton sex [Puta, Plan b, Sir speedy]

Fatal fantassy[bellakeo by DJ Joe]

Xtassy [hagamos el amor con la ropa]

Now i’m demanding that we make Reggaeton nasty again, and it’s become evident to me in my process of creating this podcast that a couple of essences of Reggaeton have since gone missing. It is in part due to the fact that some people are labeling music as reggaeton when it isn’t, it’s pop.

We get it Reggaeton is popular but not all popular music is Reggaeton. I hope you’re still with me. I’m making a new rule dammit. If the Reggaeton you listen to, even if its by a Reggaetonero, if it doesn’t make you want to whine your waist, or mimick a movement to Perreo aka sex like you would to this song [guayeteo akolatrokinico]it’s not reggaeton.

New rule I said it, I mean for the love of god this isn’t Reggaeton

[me quita by ricky Martin] The assumption is that just because a Puerto Rican is singing the song, and the song is sang sensually that it is instantly a Reggaeton. I am a huge fan of Ricky Martin, and Maluma is talented but this song, for example, is not Reggaeton.

One of the worst stereotypes in Latin America is that White Latinas are submissive, dainty, pleasers while Black Latinas are promiscuous, savages. Going forward, please note that white Latinas and black Latinas aren’t treated the same. The anti-progressive grouping of women like this is part of the reason why Reggaeton’s blanqueamiento has been deemed necessary. It’s justification is hilarious.

Reggaeton is now well into its 4th generation of artists. A couple of times during each generation a sex positive trend takes over and dominates the market until the trend dies out.

In the first generation sexually themes were presented in a story-telling style.

In the second generation, moans were included to better illustrate the storytelling in the lyricism.

By the third generation moans were incorporated less frequently and resorted back to fantasy/story telling

Finally the fourth generation was a combination of women speaking for themselves

[pijama, natti natasha , gailen la moyeta]

Considering that there are more popular women in Reggaeton now compared to previous generations. Not that the amount of female and male artists are equal in this market, because it definitely isn’t by a longshot.

Love or Sex?

Previously I’ve specified women’s pleasure because of references to Power dynamics. In latino culture, men are dominan which also translates to Reggaeton. Since sex constitutes a large part of the subject matter or the essense of Reggaeton since its inception to celebrate Latina women

[aqui hay de todo, blanca negra rubia colorada — Plan B] I have to give women the spotlight in this nuance. You’d think it’d be easier to analyze this if we focused on Sex and Love or Love and Sex considering that this is the dichotomy in Latino culture that we like to analyze independently of each other due to hyper-religious beliefs and stereotypes.

One of the reasons why it was so difficult to embrace Reggaeton openly during its inception is because of the difficulty to differentiate which was more popular. Love or sex? or in other words, Passion, ecstasy, intensity, Joy, orgasms or plain ‘ol love. Of course love and sex aren’t always mutually exclusive. In sex there is love and in love there is sex. Reggaeton illustrated this both literally and figuratively whether it was via literal moans, [hector el father] as a figurative sign of approval or creative punchlines.[agresivo by arcangel]

As Reggaeton became whitewashed, there was an essence of fun that has since been eliminated. It is my opinion that Reggaeton is supposed to be Fun.

The genre musically structured to illustrate the bpm of sex utilizes a number of catchy/repetitious beats to capture specific movements… i.e.

  1. Guayeteo: guayeteo, un hijo en la disco, rastrillea],
  2. Bellakeo: choca, malditas putas, gata celosa]
  3. Sandunguero: frikitona, slow dj blass, ]

And etc the way that you guayar, is different than how you perrear and is different than sandungueando. Come on and this matters, of course it matters, because the moment that you eliminate the essence that contributes to the aspects of dance then you’re creating a new concept of purpose for this music, aka a new genre.

Hell part of the reason why this podcast is bilingual which of course I admire latinx in the United States but a lot of americans(non Latinx)are listening to Reggaeton now and that’s beautiful by all means join the party thank you for listening and hearing the honest details on what’s going on.

Now let’s talk about the Stereotype: “Women exist to pleasure men”

Considering that Latinidad is cancelled and some of the reasons why include stereotypes that we’re all cis(gender)-het(erosexual), white or lightskinned, all one race, ultra feminine, submissive, hypersexual, exotic etc.; The nasty Reggaeton I miss so dearly does have a fault in that it perpetuates some of these stereotypes. Although some of those stereotypes are a two way street it is not so black and white, confusing I know.

On the contrary, the Reggaeton that is popular today [insert song] is way too PG in comparison. The moans of the 1990s-2000s is iconic for its time and some would even call it outdated if it was to become a trend today but it is a fundamental aspect of the cultural composition of these songs, its why I suggest that there is a two way street regarding the representation of sexuality in Reggaeton of this era.

Orgasmo — Fatal Fantassy

The idea that women exist to please men is antiprogressive for our culture. As far as reggaeton is concerned, the few moments when women did speak up ivy queen [yo quiero bailar]

lisa m[ ]

glory glo[ ]

la zista [song]


They did bring feminism to the forefront but unfortunately its a bit of a commodity bc of the vast disparity of abundance in comparison to men. But lets touch on orgasms really quick, yes orgasmos. Its 2019 people women enjoy sex, and i cant believe im saying this but i want to make it clear that im not insinuating that sex positivity doesnt look the safe for every single person in fact thats my point. Men women etc im laughing at sayin etc bc we know in regards to lgbtqia latinos are very homo phobic across latin america . i would not be doing my due dilligence as an openly bisexual person and/or member of the lgbtqia community if i didnt mention kevin fret. The first openly gay latin trap artist who was murdered in a hatecrime in february 2019. A tragedy, rip kevin fret.

Now, i’m saying lets go back to nasty reggaeton but i’m not really explaining what reggaeton is I apologize for that especially to those of you who dont understand perreo sandungueo bellakeo guayeteo all of the “EH-OHs” i’ve mentioned before. So there’s a stereotype in Reggaeton that all Reggaeton sounds the same, that is false. It’s false not only to the sound but the way that it’s danced to. Reggaeton was created to mimick the movements of sex therefore its literally impossible for the these songs to generte sounds that influences that form of movement, perreo.

Let’s do something together: I want you to stand up while you’re listening to this podcast, if you’re at work wait until you go home and If you’re in public go into a private space. Listen to this next song that I’m playing and whine your waist sensually to the bass of each song.

This is a bellakeo [bellakeo]

This is a sandungueo[ frikitona ]

And this is a perreo [perreo 101]

Those movements cant be imitated to songs like this


This isnt an attack on Rosalia this isn’t about her or JBalvin its about the essence of the “eh ohs” that Reggaeton was composed of. For those of you who actually got up to dance do you see how your waist was moving? That’s my entire point. Now lets get back to orgasms.

Every woman doesn’t orgasm but for the ones who do, the nasty reggaeton was an avenue of artistic expression by way of the men.

My favorite song in this regard is Alto contenido remix by plan b, jowell y Randy Nota Loca, Luigi 21+ and Ñejo

[play alto contenido remix]

Long Live El duo del sex Chencho Y Maldy or Plan B. This is the nastiest song created in a while, “Alto el contenido de tus gemidos esparcidos por los pasillos del hotel” translates to the moan echoing through the hotel hallways are high quality content, alto contenido.

“Me dice no pare no pare que el chorro se viene” don’t stop don’t stop because she’s coming, I love this song its absolutely gross, what can I say its my personal taste.

Reggaeton today is so clean I can play it in front of my grandparents if I wanted to and I get it, there are different levels to sex appeal and sexiness you don’t have to be vulgar. But overall, it’s way too clean. I’m 2000% pissed that the song didn’t blow up as big as the orgasms its described. The remix, the explicit version of course features Ñejo & Jowell to increase the raunchiness of the song. A nasty masterpiece. I love it.

This brings me to my next point:


As time went on, our artists moved on as well, I guess you have to grow up eventually. These artists started when they were kids, teenagers, young adults and 20 years 4 generations later they are Married, have kids, hosting quinceañeras. Artists mature with their music and I assume its easy to get tired of singing about the same things over and over, especially if theyre not applicable to their lives. Which is why its essential to bounce between love and sex to include different aspects of life. Some people aren’t that deep I get that, some people only have sex to talk about. Which is why I’m shocked that more artists are not “selling sex” as a means to buzz their way into a larger fanbase. Look at Guaynaa for example. [rebota]

It was a major hit because it included a number of the essences of Reggaeton, there’s bellakeo, guayteo, sandunguero, he got plaques and went platinum it was a platinum record in 2019, and he’s brand new into this genre and it worked because it captured sex appeal, creative lyrical content for the younger fan base. It was able to reach the heights that it has because its explicitness attracted the right age group, it was trendy enough. That propelled Guaynaa onto new heights, Latinos love a good scandal which is why Anuel and Karol G’s marketing is incredibly intelligent[secreto] but sex? I feel as though its been placed on the backburner. Just my opinion.

I’m a bit bored with the vibe that is popular now. Even popular artists now like Bad bunny who I admire, isn’t the same as when he came out.

Soy peor versus Callaita are two different cultural vibes. Its as though he went from Bad Bunny to Good bunny, that’s just my opinion but I dont make this comment lightly don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying theres a level of hypermasculinity that he should play into in fact he’s one of the most groundbreaking, progressive artists out there, playing against the stereotypes. He’s showing sides to himself I wish other artists would show. But there’s an edge to him that I miss. Dont get me wrong although I hope he’d include more negras in his videos. There was an edge there, a sex appeal thats since been lost in translation of his branding. Again, just my opinion.

Now i’m grateful reggaeton is alive 25 years after its inception, artists if you’re listening to this, include the bellakeo guayeteo sandunguero into your future work. Those essences, especially for those of us who’ve been here since the beginning we’d really appreciate it. I’m gata tu gatita favorita and this is Reggaeton Con La Gata Perreo 101.

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