Patreon Only: EXCLUSIVE Interview W A Fave

PatronsPatreon Only: EXCLUSIVE Interview W A Fave

Patreon Only: EXCLUSIVE Interview W A Fave

Good Morning Mis corazonzons,

Please enjoy this unedited, unfiltered interview w none other than Villano Antillano, yes!

I will make the others available as well, we won’t be using all of the footage because it’d simply be too long. Please understand, access to this footage is a privilege I kindly ask that you d not share it with non-patrons. Thank you.


The rollout for DImelo Cantando is happening soon, especially because the interview w Tokischa is aging– it’ll be released biweekly I’m trying to get it to live on Snapchat which would be DOPE because content there.. sucks.

Feel free to tweet generally about it* we’re trying to hype up Dimelo Cantando as well, we’re so excited. We got Villano Antillano, Victoria La Mala, Tokischa, Dalex, Melii, Gailen La Moyeta, Guaynaa, Kiko El Crazy, we’re trying to nail down Eladio Carrion, Even Rosalia & J Balvin (Why not? we want to find solutions they can commit to, to do better) Lido Pimienta and Maldy Society of Plan B.

I hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think. Villano is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met in my entire life. I’ve done interviews for YEARS and I’ve never ever cried during an interview, I cried my lashes off y’all LMAO. It was so emotional and beautiful I can’t wait for the world to hear/see  it.

I appreciate you all.



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