Patrons Only: Work

PatronsPatrons Only: Work

Patrons Only: Work

Edit: Patrons – The Radio Caña Negra Talk will be recorded and accessible for all of you here on patreon since you always hold me down. If you want to attend cool but please know I got you as well. You all deserve♥️

Xoxo Gata

Good Evening Mis Amores,

I was approached by Emperifollá to write on the infamous internet headache of mine (and likely yours too) Nathy Peluso.

I’m excited to get this published. The irony in all of this is I wrote bullet points to speak on my disdain for her in an instagram LIVE. Without trying I type 1000 words so fair to say this is going to be great. Look out for that


Aside from the previouslt mentioned, things are being finalized with Pero Like & Refinery 29.

In the LIVE feat. Marjua I dropped the bomb of Tokischa & Melii coming out with new music so i’m dropping my interview with Melii asap.

Aside from that, the huge reggaeton project i’ve mentioned before is draining me. It ends in June.. I want/need money but i’m exhausted so i’m happy to be curating/leading its a hell of an opportunity But I cant wait to sleep🥴LOL

Past that And everything else i’ve mentioned I’m publishing soon, I am hosting my first lecture on April 8th with Radio Caña Negra.

End of April with Smith College

May 2021 with University of Ontario.

Fair to say i’m busy. I am happy to be this busy but wow, never been/felt this popular. My body hates me LOL, gotta push through.

Thank you for your support.



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