Perreo 101 Tour: Harvard Class for Patrons #Exclusive

PatronsPerreo 101 Tour: Harvard Class for Patrons #Exclusive

Perreo 101 Tour: Harvard Class for Patrons #Exclusive

Feliz Domingo Gente Linda,

I hope you’re all doing well. As I promised please see the exclusive 28 min clip of the Harvard class I had the pleasure of taking over in Fall ’22, shoutout to Professor Americo for the invitation. 

Not to sound super sappy but being able to speak in these spaces is always great, especially because of the students–they areee the future lol. So its great to reach people with the truth especially now that Academic platforms are becoming popular in the public and publicists are spoonfeeding Academics marketing points. I often fear for the truth… because its not popular but understanding it can literally prevent people from putting on others who cause massive harm I don’t say that lightly at all.

Enjoy, please let me know if you have any questions would love to get comments.



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