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Good Afternoon Corazones,

Post 2 of 3 as specified yesterday. So some blanco pissed me off recently and was like “you do more commentary/analysis than actual history/storytelling” and I was like (well duh if I spell out the history why would anyone contract me?) if you do something well never do it for free hellooo.

But a wheel started turning and I was like hmmm I could bring more resources together. So surprise! will be the history extension of Reggaeton Con La Gata. I’m working on wrapping up the website this weekend to announce this week.

I get it, some people dont care about la nueva escuela-to be honest I barely do myself but what can I do if one post on Bad Bunny increases my engagement by like 200%? Gotta be smart about everything.

With that said I am truly obsessed with History, not just for show. So this website has been a joy to create.

Pop in/Click around this will have a wealth of information shortly. And please do not share yet, nobody knows🤷🏽‍♀️besides you and I want to keep it that way til its 100% ready.

Gracias mis amores



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