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I hope you’re all doing well on this lovely monday(LOL), As some of you may have seen I wrote a concert review of Sech from his Friday presentation. I ended up getting all access to the concert for three days and went Friday, Saturday and Sunday– Unfortunately for the public my review only details Friday night when SO MUCH MORE HAPPENED ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. SO! EXCLUSIVELY for you I edited the article with more quotes directly from Sech and the details of Saturday+Sunday.

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS. This is exclusively for all of you.

Also, i’m sharing this photo that also can NOT  be shared publicly. Seriously I will get in trouble.

I hope you like this write up and have a great day. More content coming!



“I AM A DREAMER UNTIL I DIE” A LIVE Review of Sech’s 3-Day Sold out Coliseum Performance.

A rocketship with ‘El Bloke’ written over it was aimed at the stars at Puerto Rico’s coliseum stadium or ‘El Choli’ on the first day of Sech’s consecutively sold-out three-day tour. The venue notorious for being the Reggaeton’s biggest stomping ground, Reggaeton—was graced by Panama’s number one artist as his ballads and surprise performances captivated the 18,000 attendees.

Sech, The ‘Dreamer’ is letting the world know he is here to stay. His debut at the Choli full-circle moment for mainstream culture as the original culture that started this ‘urban’ rise in Latin music returns to the forefront by way of the artistry that is now stomping ahead. With every seat filled and an emotional and powerful Sech at the center stage, his successful 3 concerts at ‘El Choli’ were nights of passion and sensuality as the crowd echoed the lyrics of his legendary tracks and that of his iconic featured guests.

Purple smoke filled the stage and the crowd’s thunder vibrated through Puerto Rico’s infamous coliseum as Sech took center stage at the grand piano. Sporting a classic jean and tee ensemble complimented by a Gucci scarf styled by Aban Mong and John Binns. He showed off his piano skills in a colorful rendition of his US Hot Latin single ‘Otro Trago’. The energy quickly picked up as he was joined by Darell on stage to transform their Reggaeton hit into an EDM sensation, the crowd roared.

Reggaeton is the sexiest genre to exist, and its exponential rise was not without contest. Previously shamed for its steamy lyrical style and outlandish parallels to street life, the genre is now recognized for its rightful political influence and infectious melodies. Throughout Reggaeton’s 30 year course evolution, three themes have been consistent: Romanticism, Street and Sex and Sech thinks of his music as an extension of Panamanian Artist’s initial effort to the mainstream, Romantic Style.

Toying with the vibe of the crowd, the arena went dark, a spotlight showed onto the chart hitter as he swiftly transitions to a solo harmonious version of his sensation ‘Que Mas Pues’. Backstage to Rollingstone, he hints at nights of serendipity, “I really make music because my priority is to assure that people have a good time, enjoy, sing, dance, without thinking about many things.” The perfect foreshadowing as he took stans through the emotions, alternating between tracks that celebrated love lost in Uniforme with surprise guest R&B and Reggaeton sensation De La Ghetto. The two yo-yoed across the four points of the stage calling for the attention of ‘All of the Single Women’, complimented by timed pyrotechnics–it was all incredibly sexy. The second and third nights were met with surprise performances by Dalex, Lenny Tavarez, and Mora as they collectively performed songs from their ‘The Avengers’ album.

The high-class production assured that his story was present continuously throughout the concert, with Sech’s breaks offstage meticulously balanced with clips from his ‘42’ Album documentary. Sech is equally as dedicated to amplifying the themes in his music in this iconic 3-day performance and beyond. “I see so many things that are currently happening in the world or that happen to my friends or that happen to me in Veracruz(Panama), and I use that in my messaging to assure others have something to feel identified with.”

Country-wide, in certain Panamanian schools, students are required to learn to play instruments and to participate in the November independence day parades. Although Sech learned his drumming abilities through his religious roots, the drum set he presented during the battle was an ode to Panamanian musical experience. Considering the Latin Music industry’s struggle with diversity, Sech’s rise although to not be tokenized, should be analyzed with great respect because, for the first time in history, a dark-skinned Central-American Latino has risen to this international level of success. When asked about his Black roots, he shared  “I think it is beautiful to be different, and I love being Black in every sense of the word.” Recognizing this significance, he continues, “So I am proud that my rise is breaking barriers and that more than for me, that anyone who comes after me and is different and isn’t the standard, can see that/ they can do this also.”

Couples were ‘ perreando hasta abajo’ grinding to the floor—as much of his music called for. Each night was a solid 2.5 hours of constant movement and there was a moment for everybody, men, women, single or taken to include themselves in—but the fun didn’t stop there. Sech’s powerful performance was complimented by surprise performances by Puerto Rican Reggaeton Icons RKM Y Ken Y and Jory Boy. The Panamanian Reggaeton King would then center  with an explosive drum battle with Tony Sech’s resident drummer. A skill Sech acquired as a young musician in his childhood church-home.

Reggaeton’s roots were front and center as guest presentations by Martin Machore of former duo Mach & Daddy’s performed “Pasame La Botella”, El Roockie gave a nostalgic recital of his 2008 hit ‘Martes de Galeria’ and Dancehall moves and a crowd out-singing the stars on stage. Red white and blue flags the genre’s Panamanian-Jamaican roots were on full display and it was invigorating.

After all of the sexy dance moves, heartbreak lyrics, surprise guests, and fire effects, Sech ended each night with his biggest hit yet, Sal Y Perrea. The Reggaeton megastar shares with Rollingstone “as a dreamer, I would love to headline the Super Bowl and do other big things at a grande scale.” The 3-night success was a testament to the innovative trendsetter Sech is, and the blueprint for what is next to come for ‘The Dreamer’.

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