Hola Amores,

I hope you’re all doing well. For the first time ever I’m going solo and I am doing a Lecture+Workshop on Sex Religion+Reggaeton. In all honesty, of course, I love this topic, and it’s a new-ish avenue o sea, an expansion on my Perreo 101 Episode: Let’s go to church. But my inspiration for this is that I am in Puerto Rico preparing to film my music video(s) from May 6-14 and need to gather funds, it’s an expensive process whew. Otherwise, I’d give exclusive access.

Please know that if you are interested in going, you do get a higher discount code! 

The Code exclusively for you (please don’t share) is: RXGDAY1

More content coming, I’m trying to post more regularly. We’re at 5 for April whoop whoop.

More content asap,As always, thanks for your love.



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