Surprise! Patron Early Access

PatronsSurprise! Patron Early Access

Surprise! Patron Early Access

Que Xopa mis amores,

I had a concept stuck in my mind that I couldn’t shake and I figured why not voice it out into a podcast. Since y’all are my VIPs, here it is, early access.

It’s on the shorter side because really I had nothing else to add,  I didn’t want to ramble, I said what I had to say with examples and analysis and really it took like 20 minutes.

Please let me know what you think of the concept of assigning:

REGGAEton to Panamanians and REGUEton to Puerto Ricans? considering the reasons I’ve given in the podcast?

Excited to know what you think. Estoy en la lucha I recorded this in Spanish and i’m editing Jenny’s episode as well. My plan is to release this to the public 3/29 and Jenny’s 3/30.



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