Good Morning Everyone

It’s 3:13am and I couldnt sleep if I wanted to because i’m suffering the repercussion of this surgery still. So much has happened since the last time I updated all of you. I’ve been in the hospital twice a week every week since then, surprise after surprise after surprise. New symptoms, ruling out new infections, getting over old ones, fair to say I would be completely happy if I didnt see the inside of a hospital for a while. The last time I was discharged was today, yes today. I’m itching all over my body and blood tests confirmed I am not fighting everything but I feel like a lunatic, scratching, benadryl does nothing and of course I couldnt fill my prescriptions before bed.

Aside from that, It’s virtually impossible for me to stop working in the midst of all of this. The big reggaeton project i’m working on the deadline is coming up in a few weeks for its debut so i’ve been interviewing Sech, Zion Y Lennox, De La Ghetto, Wisin y Yandel, Yomo, MC Ceja and so many others.

R29Somos reached out to me, I wrote a History of Reggaeton through Fashion History timeline/carousel that will debut soon on their platform.

Buzzfeed reached out again, this time I am directing/producing a project about Reggaeton History for them. Still in the early stages of production but essentially will come out within the month.

Radio Caña Negra reached out yesterday, would like for me to conduct a 2 hour lecture on Reggaeton for their class on April 8th.

Emperifollá reached out for me to write a piece on Nathy Peluso. A random supporter/fan from twitter also donated funds for me to produce a video on why this cabrona is such a mess, but of course with more context and explanation etc.

So many universities have reached out for lectures as well this spring. My mind is blanking with them all.

The ball has not stopped rolling as well as for two potential long term contracts with large media companies I am so.. humbled really by the interest to collaborate with this platform.

Now, pending for RXG is everything i’ve promised previously:

– History of Dembow extended episode for you guys general episode for the public feat. jenny

– Interview with Melii

– Interview with Nino

– Collab with Jevas Combativas

Graphics, videos, so much work to publish

Ive literally felt so ridiculously out of my element these past couple of weeks due to whats been going on with me physically. But fair to say if i’m being completely honest I finally feel like i’m coming back to myself and can produce at a higher capacity.

With that said i’ll do better with what I promise* and deadlines* for expectations. Looking back I was overly optimistic about what I can publish back when I promised the episode with Jenn. There was no way that was happening. I’ll do better going forward.

As always thank you so much for supporting me. Estoy en esto and I’m always a message away.



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